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Car ownership is a status symbol in Germany and the Autobahn road networks are a dream.Fuel stations situated at the autobahn are quick and convenient and usually accepts international debit/credit cards, but as a rule, fuel is generally more expensive. Save a few euros by filling up your car at fuel stations situated in smaller cities or on the countryside - just be aware that small petrol stations do not always accept international debit/credit cards, so keep some cash on hand!  Speed cameras are common in Germany (the country has one of the highest speed camera concentrations in Europe) and are found mostly in towns and cities. Temporary road works on the motorway are usually a favourite for the police so obey the speed limit, which is clearly marked. Also be aware that all forms of radar jammers and radar detectors (including satellite navigation systems with a speed camera overlay) are illegal.

Germany has lots to offer.There is so much to see and experience, especially if you can drive yourself around the country. From Rhine River Valley, the Black Forest to the Alps, From the islands on the North- and Baltic sea coast, the Elbe river to Lake Konstanz in the south.Enjoy your visit to cities or explore the magnificent forests of the countryside using car rental in Germany and visits to historic castles. Car rental in Germany, will free you to leisurely tour breathtaking scenery. With Car Hire International you will be able to secure the best car rental deal in advance for Car rental in Germany, to ensure you have an enjoyable tour of this country. Get a quote now using our car hire search engine powered by Cartrawler for the best price comparison for cheap car rental in Germany.
We have the solution for you to find Cheap Car Rental in Germany. We can offer car rental in Germany  using CarTrawler price comparison available at all the major locations, including Berlin, Bonn, Cologne. Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, and Munich. One-way rentals (within Germany) are generally permitted by the international brands without an additional fee. When renting a car, be aware that most cars in Germany have a manual gearbox,so if desired, an automatic needs to be by request . Drivers with an endorsement on their licence that restricts them to driving automatic transmission vehicles will not be allowed to rent a manual-transmission car. Most car rental providers prohibit cars being taken to eastern European countries, including Poland and the Czech Republic.
Germany is a federal parliamentary republic of sixteen states.The capital and largest city is Berlin.Germany is a decentralised country, which does justice to the cultural differences between the regions. Most travelers will think of beer, Lederhosen and Oktoberfest when Germany comes to mind, but Germany's famous beer culture is mostly centered around Bavaria and Munich, where beer is traditionally served in 1 liter mugs.Oktoberfest is Europe's most visited festival and the world's largest fair. Germany isnít just famous for its beer but a variety of things. For example, did you know that some of the most important Renaissance painters like Albrecht Altdorfer, Albrecht Duer and Hans Holbein the Younger were from Germany? If you ever get the chance to go to Germany and its cities, there are many companies which provide car rental in Frankfurt, Munich and other major cities. The country consists of many small towns which are elegant and charming, just like its people, and so it is a tourist attraction for many people. If you too want to go to Germany and enjoy all that is offered there, you can surely find Berlin car rental right at the airport. What you will want to see once you locate car rental at Munich Airport are the magnificent castles in Germany. The Romantic Road route is famous for castles. Germany's south-western regions, however, are actually known for their wine growing areas, attracting 600,000 tourists annually.

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