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Car Rental using tourists will enjoy driving along the fjords and mountains in the west or to the midnight sun in the north.
Public transport in the main cities is generally good,but getting out to the fjords and the rivers is often only possible by rental car. Northern Norway is sparsely populated, so car rental is often the only means of transport. For those who travel in winter, car rental in Norway booked through CarTrawler is the most comfortable means of getting around for the warmth of in-car heating.

Norwegian roads are among the safest in the world due to extensive training of drivers, low speed limits and strict enforcement of rules. The Norwegian police are strict on all kinds of aggressive driving, such as risky overtaking. The police also control traffic from unmarked cars.
Norway has right hand traffic, as the rest of mainland Europe. Driving is generally easy as traffic is calm, and most drivers are disciplined and law abiding, although moderate speeding is common on highways. However, some city-centres (such as Bergen and Oslo) may be confusing to navigate for the first time visitor.
Traffic is generally light except for city centres and a handful of stretches on main roads (notably E18). Winter tyres are necessary, do not under any circumstance try to drive without, even if you don't expect snow or ice. Winter tyres must have a minimum of 3 mm deep grooves. Cars heavier than 3500 kg are required to bring snow chains during winter and whenever snow or ice can be expected, a minimum of 5 mm tread pattern depth is recommended for trucks and heavy cars.

Manual transmission is regarded as standard in Norway and is found in most private cars. If you prefer to rent a car with automatic transmission, make sure to order one. Car rental in Norway can be essential for easy access to some of the more rural areas.

What to Know before Driving with Car Rental In Norway

Norway is on a large peninsula shared with Sweden in the north of Europe. In the north, it also borders Finland and Russia.

Norway is well known for its amazing and varied scenery. The fjords in the west of the country are long narrow inlets, flanked on either side by tall mountains where the sea penetrates far inland. The vast majority of the land is a rocky wilderness, and thus Norway has large, completely unpopulated areas, many of which have been converted to national parks. Even outside the national parks, much of the land is unspoiled nature.

Norwegian weather is most pleasant during the summer (June to mid-August). If you like snow, go to Norway in December to April. Along the coasts and in southern part of West Norway there is little snow or frost and few opportunities for skiing, even in winter. In the mountains there is snow until May and some mountain passes are closed until the end of May. If you visit at the beginning of May some passes can be still closed, but since the snow is melting very quickly, you will get the possibility to enjoy plenty of waterfalls before they disappear. An advantage is that at this time of year the numbers of  tourists are very small.

Spring in Norway is quite intense due to the abundance of water (melting snow) in conjunction with plenty of sunlight and quickly rising temperatures (typically in May). Because of the gulf stream, the climate in Norway, especially along the coast, is noticeably warmer than what would otherwise be expected at such a high latitude. Almost half the length of Norway is north of the arctic circle. Summers can be moderately warm (up to 30°C), even in northern areas, but only for limited periods. The length of the winter and amount of snow varies. In the north there is more snow and winters are dark; on the southern and western coast, winters are moderate and rainy, while further inland the temperature can easily fall below -25°C.

Norway is well known for its amazing and varied scenery, so there are obvious benefits with car rental in Norway for those who enjoy taking scenery in at their leisure. The fjords in the west of the country are long narrow inlets, flanked on either side by tall mountains where the sea penetrates far inland. Norway was an old Viking kingdom. The capital is Oslo, a beautiful setting and lively night life and cultural scene. In winter, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing and snow-boarding are very popular. In summer, hiking and biking are obvious ways to enjoy the enormous mountain areas. 

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Oldest Hotel in Norway

Fru Haugans Hotel is a historic hotel located in Mosjøen, in the municipality of Vefsn in the central Helgeland district of Nordland, Norway.

Fru Haugans Hotel is the oldest hotel within North Norway. The origin of the hotel dates to 1794 when a farmer's son and captain obtained royal consent to open a trading post and guesthouse.

The hotel is named for Ellen Haugan who acquired the hotel in 1885. The hotel has remained in her family ever since
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