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Portugal is situated on the Iberian Peninsula and is one of Europe's tourist gems. Using cheap car hire in Portugal, discover areas off the beaten track that are well worth seeing. Portugal has a rich, unique culture, lively cities and beautiful countryside.It may be one of the best value destinations in Europe. Car rental in Portugal is worthwhile as the country offers outstanding landscape diversity, due to its North-South disposition along the western shore of the Iberian peninsula. You can travel in a day from green mountains in the North, covered with vines and varieties of trees to rocky mountains, with spectacular slopes and falls in the centre, near-desert landscape in the Alentejo region and finally the glamorous beach holiday destination of the Algarve

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Traffic in Portugal is on the right-hand side of the road, as in the rest of continental Europe. When driving your rental car in Portugal, you will find that roads are generally good, and you can reach all major cities with ease, either by motorway or by good, modern roads. The biggest cities are well served by modern motorways (most have tolls), and you can travel the full North-South length of the country without ever leaving the motorway, should that be your choice. However, some secondary roads are may be dangerous if proper care is not taken. You will find that Portuguese driving can seem erratic and, frankly, scary to the uninitiated. The country shares with most southern European countries something that the successive Portuguese governments have been trying to fight - terrible road behavior from some drivers.It is probably unwise for those unfamiliar with Portuguese driving to try to drive in Lisbon or Porto. Other Portuguese cities are much better, but often have very narrow roads. Car rental in Portugal is particularly worthwhile for exploring the area around the Algarve and Alveira. Car Hire International can offer you cars for all terrains and very budget using our CarTrawler search to save money.

The Capital, Lisbon, is rich with history, with castles and cobbled streets and cafe's.The climate, combined with investments in the golfing infrastructure, has turned the country into a golfing haven. Portugal offers hundreds of km. of beaches, excellent surfing and up to 3,000 hours of sunshine annually in some regions. Car rental in Portugal is a must to fully appreciate what enjoyment is on offer to you on your holiday to Portugal.Search car hire with Car Hire International.

Getting Around Lisbon
Lisbon is a fascinating city in Europe, with narrow alleyways and maritime history. Its orientation toward the sea will set the atmosphere for your visit. It can also mean fast changing weather, so come prepared! The contemporary culture is thriving and makes it an exciting destination in Europe.Public transport is good in Lisbon and you are advised to use a taxi from the taxi rank at the airport, rather than order one, which would most likely be cheaper.You can travel by boat to Lisbon from the following stations: Barreiro; Trafaria; Montijo; and Cacilhas. It's an excellent sightseeing opportunity crossing the river Tagus to Lisbon. Cruise ships dock at several places along the river on the Lisbon side. Enjoy your visit to cities such as Alveira or explore the magnificent beaches of the Algarve where the best rated Golf courses in Europe are situated.Those interested in history will enjoy visits to historic castles, maritime museums and more.The central region of the country is blessed with the Serra da Estrela mountain range, where healing waters have given rise to spa towns such as Curia and Luso. Car rental in Portugal is essential to explore towns and enjoy the countryside fully. Car Hire International offers you rock bottom prices for Car Rental in Portugal.Our search engine powered by Cartrawler finds top car hire companies in Portugal for best car rental prices
Explore The Azores:
The Azores are a chain of islands in the Atlantic Ocean which form an autonomous region of Portugal. Because of their outlying location, these islands are still not on many traveler's routes. The islands have a lot to offer and are interesting regarding nature and culture. Historical villages, cities, green lush hills and mountains are the perfect place to spend a time away from the main tourist path. Accommodation in Azores here.

Madeira Islands
Discovered by Portuguese sailors some time between 1418 and 1420. The archipelago is considered to be the first discovery of the exploratory period initiated by Henry the Navigator of Portugal.It is a popular year-round resort, noted for its Madeira wine, flowers, and embroidery artisans
. Madeira is the ideal getaway to relax and enjoy culture and sunny skies. Find accommodations in Madeira here.

What You Need to Know about Driving your Car Rental in Portugal

Map of Portugal - Regions

What You Need to Know about Driving your Car Rental in Portugal

Map of Portugal - Regions
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