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We offer you rock bottom prices from various National Car rental locations in the UK, with car rental branches conveniently located at 
airports, ferry ports or in the cities. Top international car hire uk companies are utilized; this offers you a wide choice on the UK national
car rental market with vehicles ranging from economy to luxury rental cars, SUV hire, 7 seater and Minibus hire. Car Hire Comparison UK
finds you the best deal using CarTrawler booking engine for national car rental in UK assuring cheap car hire London & more in the U.K.
The United Kingdom -  conjures images of imposing architectural structures such as the Tower of London and St Paulís Cathedral, post card pretty rolling hills and thatch cottages of Dorset and the West Country, the industrial revolution in the Midlands to the spectacular coastal scenery of Scotland, Wales and Northumberland, as well as the stunning beauty of the Lake District.
Now that was all about the locations and places you can go when you are in the United Kingdom, but what other things can you expect from when you are there? For example what are some of the customs or cultures that are followed in the region? Ironically, the view depicted by the media, television and radio of the United Kingdom is quite different from what you really face when you are actually there. Here are a couple of things that you can expect when you go to England or any other city in the United Kingdom.

    People living in Britain are extremely punctual and it is considered impolite if you are late to appointments, meetings or even parties. So, if you do not want to get into a bad name with these people, make sure you get a London Gatwick car rental to get to your location on time. Another thing that is considered inappropriate is to jump lines in England and other cities in the UK. You might be accustomed to move up in line from where you are coming from; but, in the UK, you have to quit all of these habits and make sure you go according to the queue.There are many countries that have banned smoking in public places, yet there are still some that havenít yet implemented this particular law. If you are coming from such a place, you need to know that smoking is strictly prohibited. The prohibition applies to places like malls, buses, taxis, planes, etc.

Do yourself a favour and get off the beaten track - national car rental UK is the way to see the sights that are not plastered all over the tourist agency billboards. Visit quiet rural villages or remote beauty spots such as Bow Fiddle Rock near Cullen in northern Scotland. Enjoy a taste of Cullen Skink while youíre about it.

Why You Should Use National Car Rental in UK

There are numerous international UK airports that service most of the counties, which offer car rental desks. The main airports around London are Heathrow Airport, Gatwick, Luton and Stansted. Public transport is good, especially the train services, but these are very time consuming and tiring and don't reach the remote beauty spots as you would if you rent a car. To maximize your visit, National car rental UK adds another dimension to a quick and easy way to visit all those hidden gems! Plus you are able to take your time without the worry about missing your next connection back to your accommodation.
The United Kingdom is a union of four nations: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Republic of Ireland is not part of the United Kingdom. There is an extensive coastline with quaint harbours and seaside resorts to explore at your leisure using national car rental UK, with Car Hire International using CarTrawler search for best prices for London car hire, Cambridge, Oxford, Milton Keynes etc..
What to See in The UK
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Tips for Driving in the UK

Differing from most of Europe, the UK drives on the left. Most cars in the UK are manual ("stick-shift") transmission, and car rental companies will allocate you a manual transmission car unless you specifically ask for an automatic when you make a reservation. The cost of renting an automatic vehicle in the UK is significantly more expensive than renting a manual one. Always compare uk national car rental prices before renting a car, which you can do using our CarTrawler comparison engine.
Don't drink and drive in the UK. The maximum limit is 80 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood (0.08%) (50 mg per 100 ml in Scotland). Going over that limit is a criminal offence, you will be arrested and spend a night in the cells.
Drivers from abroad should take note that many British drivers regard the flashing of headlights as a signal that they can proceed, rather than as a warning, or as a signal to slow down due to the presence of police. This misunderstanding has led to a number of accidents.
There are congestion charges which apply, should you drive into the City of London and Toll charges on some Motorways. More tips for driving in the UK
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