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Cairns International Airport Car Hire Services.

Cairns Airport has several car hire companies at its terminals. Passengers just need to follow the signs in Arrivals where they'll find reputable car hire companies such as Cairns Airport Avis, Cairns Airport Hertz, Cairns Airport Red Spot, Cairns Airport Thrifty, as well as Cairns Airport Europcar and Cairns Airport Budget. All of these companies are represented right inside the Cairns Airport terminal.

Using our booking at Car Hire International, will offer you cars at internet prices with quotes from any of these car hire companies to ensure you get the best car rental deal.

You could be driving around Cairns, Australia unrestricted by transport problems and allow you ample time to explore Adelaide and surrounding areas at your own pace. You are also able to book car rental at Cairns downtown locations, using our secure CarTrawler search and booking facility. Search for Cairns Airport car hire for an all inclusive quote from the car rental companies represented.

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Cairns Australia.

Cairns is a cosmopolitan city with a population of approx. 130,000 that is very focused on the tourist industry; particularly popular with international tourists. Japanese tourists are especially catered for, with many shops and signs being written in katakana, as well as English. The city is surrounded by rainforest and can be used as a gateway to destinations such as Kuranda  and the Daintree. Besides tourism, Cairns is supported by agricultural activities which include sugar cane, bananas, and the world's first tropical fruit wine region.
There is a lot of accommodation in Cairns to suit all budgets with plenty of drinking establishments and restaurants catering to all types of tastes. The atmosphere is relatively inexpensive, laid back and unpretentious. There are numerous clubs and coffee shops in the city, all overflowing with international tourists, helping to give Cairns a cosmopolitan feel.

Cairns International Airport.

Cairns International Airport is the primary international gateway into the region and is also served by many domestic flights. Cairns airport has two terminals; a domestic terminal and an international terminal, both within walking distance from each other.Cairns International Airport is the fifth busiest airport in Australia. The close proximity to South East Asia makes Cairns the ideal first port-of-call when arriving into Australia.

Cairns Airport Hotels

Cairns has excellent hotels, although most are located 2 miles or more from the airport, so a rental car booked online and picked up at any of the car hire service providers at Cairnes Airport will be the best idea from the outset. There are hotels listed below that provide a shuttle service to and from Cairnes International Airport.

Recommended Hotel Accommodation near Cairnes Airport.

Hotels listed by distance, closest to Cairnes Airport

Hotel/Apartment listed as having a shuttle service to and from Cairnes Airport.

Budget Hotels/Backpackers near Cairnes Airport.

Cairns International Airport details.

Corner of Grafton and Hartley Streets, PO Box 594, Cairns, Queensland, Australia 4870.

Airport Code: CNS
Country Code:61
Telephone: (07) 4052 3888


Number of Terminals: 2
Time Zone: GMT + 10

The airport is situated 7km (4 miles) north of central Cairns.
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