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What to see in Ireland using Irish Car Rentals.

Where to go and what to see in Ireland? Doing so is in fact, a predicament for visitors due to the fact that there is just simply so much to see and do. 
How you plan your trip depends very significantly on where you are going to land, how much time you posses and what your pursuits are.  And do would like to see both parts of the country, or just the Republic of Ireland, or Northern Ireland?

Are you fascinated by castles? There are so many of them! Some are merely ruins, some of them have been converted into luxurious hotels like Dromoland and Ashford Castles.  You may compile an entire tour simply based on going to castles on your trip to Ireland if you so wish.

Are you excited by playing golf ? Ireland is virtually as famous for its golf courses as Scotland is. If you are a golfer, you've in all probability heard of the Ballybunion Old Course.  You may choose to combine golf and a castle stay at Dromoland Castle or Ashford Castle for example, if you would like to really treat yourself.

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Fascinated by historical sites? You then need to go to Bru na Boinne and see the Passage Tombs of Newgrange and Knowth. Should you go to Trinity College in Dublin, you can see the Book of Kells. The Hill of Tara in the County Meath is the ancient seat of the High Kings of Ireland.  Though there actually isn't much there in the way of buildings or historic  monuments at the Hill of Tara, it's really worth visiting simply for the sweeping views.  There are passage tombs and standing stones, but mainly you should could go to "sense" the history here.

It is possible to adhere to a trail of sites connected with Saint Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland.  From the Rock of Cashel, the place he was meant to have converted the King of Munster to Christianity to Downpatrick, the place he is supposed to be buried in the Down Cathedral.
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What to see in Ireland: Bushmills Distillery
Container: About the United Kingdom and the need for National car rental in the uk
Picture of The Book of Kells in Ireland - Christ Enthroned
Ireland: Rock of Cashel
Ireland: St Patrick's Grave, Downpatrick
Ireland: Dromoland Castle
The Rock OF Cashel, Ireland.
The Book of Kells, Trinity College, Dublin.
Dromoland Castle and Golf Course.
St.Patrick's Grave,Downpatrick, Ireland

Historical Sites: Hill of Tara,  Bru na Boinne, Rock of Cashel, book of Kells

Tourist Attractions in Ireland - Cliffs of Moher, Blarney Castle and Stone

The Rock OF Cashel, Ireland.
Irish Whisky - Bushmills Distillery
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Irish Car Rentals - What to see in Ireland.

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Are you just simply fascinated by enjoying the green and the scenery?  Effectively, one can as it is possible to see that practically everywhere, but you will need to get to the Cliffs of Moher.... 650 foot high cliffs (198 meters) drop directly into the Atlantic.  For stark barren magnificence, see the Burren close to Galway. This limestone plateau has ancient dolmens and bizarre rock formations.  And it is possible to get all the way to the northern tip of the country. You can visit the Giants Causeway... basalt columns which appear to form a giant pathway to Scotland.

You will most likely want to get to Blarney Castle and there kiss the Blarney Stone.  Most guidebooks will point out to you that is a bit too touristy. Well possibly, but we proceeded to go the first time we went to the country, and we thought it was really fun to see Blarney Castle... why not?  We had our nieces with us... one of them kissed the Blarney Stone  twice!  Yes, she's a talker.

As for beer, it is possible to tour the Guiness Storehouse in Dublin.  It's a modern museum inside an old brewery.  If you just want a Guiness, you can, as it is possible to buy one in any pub. 

You can taste Irish Whiskey almost anywhere in the country, but just understand that most of the places you find for tours are not working distilleries. It is still enjoyable to do though.

There are several means to get around on your visit. It is possible to choose to take a tour of the country that concentrates on your interests. A different option is to visit on your own and use  public transportation, but it could be very difficult to get to some of the more out of the way sights. 

Driving yourself around Ireland is fun and a fantastic way to see it, but you need to be prepared to drive on the left.  You need steady nerves on most of those narrow roads, but they should lead you to all the wonderful sights. However you choose to visit, Ireland is really worth a visit.