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A Ferry Leaving Dover Port, U.K.

Finding tickets for direct ferry crossings has never been simpler or quicker! We are partnered with Aferry, the leader in European ferry bookings. Search here with over 60 major ferry operators including P&O Ferries, Norfolkline, Stena Line, LD Lines, Irish Ferries and many more, We have access to over 1100 direct ferry crossing routes for foot passengers or car ferries.
Find ticket for cross-channel ferry crossings to and from France, Ireland, Norway, Holland and Spain. You can also book for ferry crossings in the rest of Europe and North Africa.Take advantage of our unique Ferry ticket price comparison engine to find the best deals. Our system has everything you need from full ferry ticket prices and online booking from all the major ferry companies specialising in all European ferry crossings.
A Ferry Leaving Dover Port on a Channel Crossing

When on a family trip to  Ireland, it makes sense to travel by ferry. Ferries to Ireland are actually affordable and safe. Families can  enjoy the ferries onboard amenities and have the excitement thrown into the bargain.
There are actually two main ferry companies for you to consider if you are in need of prices for ferries to Ireland:

1. The Stena Line.
Stena Line has its direct daily crossing at the following locations: Dublin Port to Holyhead, Rosslare to Fishguard, Dun Laoghaire to Holyhead, Larne to Fleetwood and Belfast to Stranaer. For you to check on their prices and time of travel, you can directly head to their website. Here, you can also find the company’s contact details so you can reach them should you have queries and concerns regarding your travel.

You can actually have the option to choose from economy, flexi to premium fares, depending on your budget. If you have a low budget, then you can go for economy tickets. However, the company does not allow refunds if you wish to cancel or change the date of your travel. Every once in a while, the company has its special offers, which include the “students travel free” promo.

2. The Irish Ferries.

Meanwhile, the Irish Ferries  also have their daily sailings in between the following locations: Rosslare to Pembroke, Dublin Port to Holyhead, Rosslare to Cherbourg and Rosslare to Roscoff.
For you to get the cheapest tickets, you can book online more than 28 days before your travel date. Use our search engine on this web page to get a comparison of prices and book  the cheapest ferry ticket offered.

At times, the main ferry operators offer discounts on fares. Thus, it is suggested that you do your research first on the current promos of such companies or operators so you can save money.
Again, if you want to have a fun, affordable and safe travel going to Ireland, taking the ferries to Ireland is a perfect option.

  Cross Channel Ferries to France or Eurostar?

Since the opening of the Channel Tunnel and the Eurostar service from London to Paris it's been a bit of a rough time for the likes of P&O.  While ferries to France will probably always be the most economical way to transport freight trucks across the channel, regular passengers are often swayed by the speed of the Eurostar over the relatively sedate ferries.  The train can travel from Folkestone to Calais in just 35 minutes.  The ferry from Dover takes 90 minutes to make the same journey.
Even so, I personally prefer the ferry over the train.  Since I first made the crossing with my parents in the early 80s I've always had a soft spot for the hulking old ferries.  In fact, my first Dover-Calais ferry crossing was the first time I ever set foot on a boat. 
Even today, as I drive into the vehicle bay of the ferry I still get a little tingle of excitement.  I rush up the stairs as quickly as I can, working my way through the labyrinth of shops and corridors until I find the passenger deck, and I stand and watch the cliffs of Dover as we pull away from the coast, full of excitement at the journey ahead.  You just don't get that feeling as you drive into the Eurostar carriage for 35 minutes of staring at the inside of a train.
There are two main passenger routes today for ferries to France.  The Dover to Calais route, my usual choice, is dominated by P&O.  Alternatively, you can go for the Dover to Dunkirk service offered by DFDS Seaways, the guys who bought out Norfolkline ferries.  The last few times I've crossed I've headed to Dunkirk, as DFDS reduced their basic fare to just £29 in an effort to topple P&O and their £39 minimum fare.
In any case for my money there's just no contest between ferries to France and the soulless Eurostar.  Taking ferries to France wins all the way.
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  Ferries to Ireland

A Ferry Leaving Portsmouth Harbour
A Car Ferry in Plymouth Harbour
A Ferry Leaving the Port of Dover
Ferry crossings are 24hrs, 364 days a year, with departure +- at 30 min. Passenger servicesl operate between 06.00hrs and 19.30hrs.
Two ferry operators from Dover; P&O Ferries and DFDS Seaways. P&O operate Dover to Calais, while DFDS Seaways to both Calais and Dunkerque.
A Ferry leaving Portsmouth
Portsmouth offers more ferry routes than any other UK ferry port, serving popular destinations in France, Spain and the Channel Islands. Brittany Ferries and Condor Ferries operate from Portsmouth International Port. Domestic service to the Isle of Wight is operated by Wight Lines.
A Car Ferry in Pymouth Harbour.
Plymouth is served by a number of ferry routes with crossings to Santander, Roscoff & St Malo with up to 12 Sailings weekly. The port of Plymouth connects England with Spain & France.Sailing durations range from 5 hours 30 minutes on the Roscoff service to 19 hours 30 minutes on the Santander service.

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