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We cover all the major locations for Austria car rental, including Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Graz, Linz, Salzburg and Vienna. Austria is generally considered a winter holiday destination, however, few people realize its potential for summer holidays, with much to explore and enjoy.The scope for walking and adventure holidays is almost limitless – from white river rafting and canyoning to relaxing days spent on the shores of the innumerable lakes that dot the countryside. Then there is also the historical side to discover and fairytale-like castles to explore, many of which organize medieval days and banquets.

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Car hire in Austria enables you to reach the remote mountainous regions where there are many caves to explore, and none more famous than the salt mines and the spectacular ice caves near Salzburg.
Krimmler Wasserfälle is one of the most amazing waterfalls. The actual walk along the tiered falls follows a zig-zag pattern with seating provided at regular intervals and a restaurant and curio shop about two thirds of the way to the top, which is not too far from the Italian border. To fully explore these beautiful sights, car hire in Austria is essential.
Austria is known for its contrasts: From the heights of the Alps to the beauty of the Danube valley. From snowy winters to a warm summer climate. Austria is rich in history and culture. The evidence of Empires, great musicians, leaders and thinkers are to be found here. Enjoy visits to fortress Castles, the Baroque churches of Salzburg, the Vienna Opera House, or the glorious outdoors with extreme sports.

Rural or sparsely populated regions in Austria are easier to explore by car as bus services can be infrequent. Many popular spots in the mountains are accessible only by car or on foot/ski. Renting a car for a few days is a good way to go off the beaten track. For your summer tour in Austria or a winter ski tour, you will need car hire in Austria to make your holiday an enjoyable experience. You will be free of using time consuming public transport and have access to the many remote scenic spots in the country. Car Hire International online car rental search will find you the best Austria car rental prices available from reputable car rental companies with CarTrawler booking technology.

Driving Tips for Conditions in Austria

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Driving in Austria is normally quite pleasant as the country is small and the roads are in good condition, not congested and offer fantastic scenery. Beware of dangerous drivers, however: Austrians are very law-abiding, but behind a wheel, they seem to make an exception to their considerate attitude. Comprehensive maps of Austria, specific regions within Austria (including city maps) will prove very useful to pre-plan your daily trips. These, as well as well as maps of neighbouring countries can be bought at any petrol station in Austria.

Travelling on Austrian motorways means you are liable to pay tolls. If your vehicle is under 3500kg in weight, you have to buy a Vignette toll pass, in advance, which can be purchased at any petrol station or at the border. Driving a car on a motorway without a vignette is punished with either payment of a substitute toll of €120. Affix the vignette to the front windscreen of your vehicle, preferably in the top centre or on one of the driver's side corners, otherwise it is not valid, a common mistake made by foreigners in Austria. The motorway police regularly check for vignetten. Additional tolls are payable on certain roads, especially mountain passes, which you need to pay in bank notes (not coins). An example is at Brenner Pass, right before the A13 enters Italy, where a toll of at least €7,95 is collected each way.
The speed limits are 130km/h on Autobahnen and 100km/h on Schnellstraßen and Bundesstraßen. Expect limits otherwise of 50-80km/h.
Rules on Autobahnen are very similar to the rules in Germany.The law requires all passengers to wear seat belts at all times. Children under 14 years of age have to use a child safety seat until they are at least 150 cm tall.

Take special care when driving in winter, especially in the mountains. Icy roads kill dozens of inexperienced drivers every year. Avoid speeding and driving at night and make sure the car is in a good condition. Motorway bridges are particularly prone to ice. Slow down to 80 km/h when going over them. Winter tyres are strongly recommended by Austrian motoring clubs. When there is snowfall, winter tires or snow chains are required by law on some mountain passes, and occasionally also on motorways. Contrary to popular belief there is no need to rent an off-road vehicle in winter (though a 4x4 is helpful). In fact, small, lightweight cars are better at tackling narrow mountain roads than sluggish off-road vehicles. Make your reservation for any category Car Rental in Austria using our CarTrawler booking system
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