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Car Rental in Belgium: Sunset in Brussels
The Kingdom of Belgium is a low-lying country on the North Sea coast in the Benelux. It is one of the small countries in Europe and a delightful destination to explore at your leisure, so  car hire in Belgium is worthwhile. Search for Belg car rental in Belgium  in all major cities, ports, railway stations and airports including Brussels, Brugge, Ghent, Namur, Leeuven and Antwerp.
There are a lot of car rental providers at your convenience all over Belgium and you can take advantage of them as per your needs here with Car Hire International, once you have planned your trip and know your destinations in this country.

We offer a wide choice on the Belgium car rental deals from Avis, Budget, Hertz, Budget, Europcar, National and Thrifty, with vehicles ranging from mini and economy to luxury rental cars, SUV hire, 7 seater and Minibus hire. Book a minivan or car hire from us as we can give you more for your budget. Compare car rentals in Belgium for the best deals using our CarTrawler booking engine on the left, above.
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The above most booked destinations in Belgium on this comparison website are just a sample of the National car hire locations throughout the country, where we offer car rental online / auto rentals through reputable companies with our partner search comparison company.

The most popular locations, needless to say are airports, as Belgium is a popular destination at the heart of Europe with interests for business, industry, tourism and the political sector with all it generates around the fact that the European Parliament is situated in Brussels.  This means a lot of business for Brussels Zaventem and Charleroi International Airports. There are many cultural attractions the town and villages We offer rental cars for the tourist market at all airports, major towns, ferry ports and major railway stations in Belgium .

We have many car rental locations that can be booked on this website for downtown and airport rental cars in Belgium.  Do a search now
and be pleasantly surprised at our prices for cheap hire in Belgium .

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Some Tourist Highlights to See With the Advantage of Car Rental in Belgium

We have cars available in various categories from  Mini,  economy,  compact,  premium,  luxury hire, convertible,  SUV'S,  minivan 7 seater rental,
9 seater minibus people carriers.

Models could vary at different locations in the country, depending on availability at time of booking, but you will receive up to date models.

Our car hire comparison search engine compares the top international online car rental companies in Belgium to find you the best deals for all car categories in car rental .

Our online  car rental in Belgium prices are quoted after you have completed your easy comparison search and are fully inclusive, so there are no nasty surprises awaiting you at the desk when you arrive to collect your vehicle at the airport or downtown location.

A place that is highly recommended as a tourist destination in Belgium is the city of Bruges. This city is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking places  and, if you are visiting Belgium for the first time, it is a must see destination. When you are vacationing in Bruges, you will be able to see the stark resemblance that it has to Venice.

Because the city is small, you will have no problem navigating from one place to another either on foot, car, bicycle or even horse carriage. Yes, you will spot a lot of horse carriages in Bruges, as it is a tradition which has also become a popular attraction, however, this is not the only city that is worth visiting because Belgium is beautiful overall.

Equally beautiful, but less touristy is the city of Ghent, which is one of Europe's largest, but often left off the visitor's schedule. The city is rich in history and has been a great centre of learning with many students at its university even in our century.

You should consider booking hotel accommodations, so you can take your time to visit most of the attractions. The country attracts a large number of tourists every year despite its size. One reason for this may be because the temperature or climate is pleasant all year round.

So, Belgium, with its castles, abbeys and historic towns is a great place to visit even if you do it just once in your life. Just don’t forget to take advantage of Belgium car rental just as soon as you arrive and you will have no trouble at all.

With the majority of West European capitals within 1,000 km of the Belgian capital of Brussels, and as a member of the long-standing international Benelux community, Belgium sits at the crossroads of Western Europe. 

Belgium is a densely populated country trying to balance the conflicting demands of urbanization, transportation, industry, commercial and intensive agriculture.

Belgium consists of three regions: Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia. Being such a small country (300 km as its maximum distance), you can get anywhere in a few hours. Explore Antwerp, Ghent, Brugge, Namur and Leuven on day trips from a base in Brussels.

A look on the map may suggest that Brussels is a good starting point to explore Antwerp, Ghent,  Brugge, Namur  and Leuven on day trips for which your Belgium car rental is advised to give you the freedom to take your own time and enjoy your stay.
Some rental cars in Belgium come equipped with Satnav but it's a good idea to request this when you book your car. It's probably the most reliable way to get from A to B in Belgium. This way you will get to see some of the sites of Belgium, as flat as it may be, but architecture in the towns is something to be admired and provide opportunities for the keen photographer.

Belgium has a dense network of modern toll-free motorways, but some secondary roads in Wallonia are poorly maintained. Signs are always in the local language only, except in Brussels, where they're bilingual. As many cities in Belgium have quite different names in Dutch and French, this can cause confusion. For example, Mons in French is Bergen in Dutch; Antwerp is called Antwerpen in Dutch and Anvers in French; Ličge in French is Luik in Dutch and Lüttich in German, and so on.

Drivers in Belgium should also be aware of the "priority from the right" rule. At road crossings, traffic coming from the right has the right of way unless otherwise indicated by signs or pavement markings. You're most likely to encounter such crossings in urban and suburban areas. Observant visitors will notice a lot of cars with dents along their right sides! Drive defensively and your car will avoid the same fate.

In Belgium the motorway signs are notoriously inconvenient, especially on secondary roads. There is no uniformity in layout and colour; many are in bad state, placed in an awkward position or simply missing

Speed traps are positioned along roads frequently and drink driving of only small amounts comes with serious penalties, such as 125 Euros on the spot fine for 0.05 per cent and 0.08 per cent. Over that amount of alcohol in your system and you face anything up to 6 months imprisonment and loss of driving licence for 5 years.

Having been part of the Hapsburg and Napoleonic Empires in centuries past, Belgium was greatly influenced by culture and art, which is still evident in the picturesque appearance of towns and the museums dedicated history,  music and art, so there is much to stop off and see as you do a driving trip through the country.

You will be pleasantly surprised at just how clean the towns and villages of Belgium are. Drive through on any afternoon and you will see people caring for the street in front of their homes - a real, backdated village community feel. More information about Belgium here. Book your Belgium Car Rental with Car hire International.
Festivities in Brussels
Canal scene in Bruges-Brugge
Canal scne in Ghent
The Farmer's Tower, Antwerp
Leuven, Belgium
View over the City of Namur
Riverside view of Dinant, Belgium
Ostend Harbour, Belgium
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