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Algarve, Portugal
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National Car Rental came into existence in the USA in the year 1947 and it is one of the car rental companies worldwide. When it commenced business, it was a cooperation between 24 different car rental agencies uniting together to form a total of 60 car rental locations within the USA. Since its commencement, National Car Rental has grown considerably and it is now owned by car rental giant - Enterprise Holdings, which is also the company responsible for the management of Alamo Rent a Car and Enterprise Rent a Car.

National Rent a Car, as a company, has a presence in more than 2000 locations worldwide for car rentals.

National car rental have been pioneering many outstanding changes and modern developments in the car rental market. Notably in 1954, National became the first car rental organisation to offer one-way car rentals, thus proving that they understand their customers’ needs and the market as a whole, and this is now a standard feature in car rental used on by business people and holiday makers. This gives people a travel experience unique in a way and makes it an easier trip.

Another innovation came in the same year – 1954, they became the first car rental provider to make reservations with computers and with the deregulation of the airline industry in 1976, National again did what no other car rental provider has done as this opportunity came in the market - they became the first ever car rental body to offer a 'flat rate' for car rentals to customers, which was a landmark.

National Car Rental launched a loyalty program called the Emerald Club, during the year 1987. It was a special frequent renter program, allowing their regular customers and members to have a better car of their choice, faster services through customer desk representative and paperless transactions together with fast track drop off. All these pushed the company up among the best and they are very proud of this achievement. Their growing number of satisfied customers attest to the success of the program.

With locations across the various states in the USA, most parts of Canada, and Mexico,  the Caribbean and the Latin America, also in Europe and Asia; National Car Rental brings excellence in customer service delivery and quality car rental experience to their customers all over the world.

  National Rental Car for Quality Service.

When it comes to getting quality service and best experience with car rentals, choosing a National Rental Car for your trip is a very good decision. National is a company that has been at the forefront of new innovation in the car rental industry for many years
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