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Car Hire International is very proud to be able to connect customers to compare rates for car rental at Los Angeles Airport  LAX with just a few clicks of a mouse. Using our secure car rental booking engine, our customers are able to search for cheap car rental in Los Angeles downtown and all Los Angeles Airports including Burbank Long Beach AND John Wayne in real time.

There are many attractions in Los Angeles and surrounds, so renting a car is the way to explore. Many make use of long-distance, one way rental from the Airport or a family sized economy car or estate for day trips to the surrounding area's popular attractions and parks. Eg. Disney, Hollywood and Venice Beach.

Our customers benefit from gaining the lowest cost fully inclusive prices online for car hire at Los Angeles International Airport Consolidated Rental Car Facility.

We search all represented Los Angeles Car Rental Companies to to get the best deals on car rental from Avis, Budget. Alamo, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise rent a car, Hertz, National Car Rental and Thrifty car hire using our comparison engine. We charge no cancellation fees, if done 24 hrs in advance. There are no hidden extra's in our prices quoted.

We have access to a wide selection of vehicles at the airport and also in downtown Los Angeles: mini car rentals, economy class cars for hire, compact, station wagons, estate cars, luxury rentals, SUV rental, 7-seater hire, 9-seater minibus hire and much more.

Car Rental  Los Angeles  Airport (LAX)

LOS ANGELES is a metropolis, which spans across a thousand square miles of the great desert basin, mixed together with congested freeways that run between the ocean and the mountains.

LA is still considered a young city. In the mid-nineteenth century, it was a community of white American immigrants, poor Chinese laborers, and wealthy Mexican ranchers, with a population of less than fifty thousand. Definitely, a difference from what it is now. LA is known for it shopping malls, palm trees, and swimming pools. The celluloid self-image of Los Angeles is known all over the world.

The first-time visitor to Los Angeles may well find it to be thrilling and threatening in equal proportions. It is a very fast-paced city and it will pick you up and sweep you along whether you want it to or not. While Los Angeles has many fine-art museums, California cuisine and a few old-fashioned urban plazas, what people really come here for is to experience the city that has come to epitomize the American Dream. This is where teens come to try to become actors and stars.

What to See and Do in Los Angeles

When visiting Los Angeles, you will come across the pulse of the second largest metropolitan region within the United States. As soon as you visit this city, you will encounter a variety of diverse communities, including the infamous Hollywood region, and the entertaining Downtown section of the city. Below you will find some of the most popular stops in Los Angeles to consider when planning a trip to an area:


Whether youve heard of this district from the media or read about the legends in the pages of gossip magazines, Hollywood is often referred to as the entertainment capital of the world. When visiting this section of the city, you will find the Walk of Fame, which is situated along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. Honored at this attraction, you will find a variety of theatre, radio, movie and television personalities to explore.

Sunset Boulevard

When visiting Los Angeles, many first-time visitors often head for this location to experience an array of exciting city aspects. Some of the most well known sights in the area include a variety of clubs, studios, and hotels that have made guest appearances in some of the most recognizable films and TV shows. After following this street, you will also encounter a couple of legendary California beaches, which have even served as film sets for the once-popular Baywatch TV series.

Museum Row (Wilshire Boulevard)

The museums situated on this street offer a wide range of themed establishments, which offer exhibits ranging from natural history to modern art. Some of the sights you might want to visit include the La Brea Tar Pits, Craft & Folk Art Museum, Petersen Automotive Museum, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. As you head for this section of the city, you should know that a day doesn't do this attraction-riddled row justice.


Mickey and Minnie Mouse aren't just for the kiddies. Visitors of all ages add Disneyland to their itinerary, even if its just to say they've been there. It is a must-see attraction that some only dream about. Whether you hop on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, experience Space Mountain, or enjoy a tasty meal at one of the many eateries, the atmosphere is like traveling through a living fantasy.

Santa Monica Beach & Pacific Park

The Santa Monica Beach is considered one of the most famous beaches in the Los Angeles area, which has been used to shoot films and television shows, such as Threes Company. This youth-filled beach land often accommodates more than 90,000 visitors. Some of the features here include arcade games, and rides such as the West Coaster or the Pacific Wheel. Venice Beach is also in the area, which offers great opportunities to roller blade, catch a tan, and swim. Shoppers may also visit the nearby Third Street Promenade.

Driving in Los Angeles

Despite the infamy of Los Angeles' traffic, the only real issues are the sheer length of the rush hour and the volume of traffic. The assertions of driving difficulty and danger will most likely seem unfounded to residents of other large cities, especially comparatively frantic East Coast cities, who often see Los Angeles traffic as relatively easy-going. When traveling on a Los Angeles freeway, remember that slower traffic keeps to the right. Many Angelenos do well over 20 mph of the posted speed limit and cutting them off or remaining in the fast lane at a slow pace will frustrate native drivers.

It's actually very easy to drive around Los Angeles in the late night/early morning hours (from around 11PM to 5AM), when driving times can easily be less than a third of what they are during peak hours. However, late hours are when partiers are most likely to be returning from clubs, so be vigilant for drunk drivers. In addition, a lot of construction is scheduled during these off-peak times, so be ready to plan alternative routes.

Anyone planning on visiting by car may wish to seriously consider scheduling the trip so as to arrive or depart in the early morning, as this can prevent a great deal of frustration. This is also an excellent time of day to find your way around, memorize your routes, and explore.

Most cities in Greater Los Angeles have well-maintained streets, but streets within the city of Los Angeles itself tend to have a lot of cracks and potholes. Wilshire Boulevard is particularly notorious for extremely bumpy conditions. The city government has installed sensor loops on most major streets and publishes real-time traffic speed maps online.

It's worth noting that, unlike most other American cities, most major Los Angeles intersections do not have dedicated left-turn traffic lights, allowing for so-called "protected" left turns. Instead, they operate under the rule where you must yield to opposing traffic and turn only when it is safe to do so. But some Los Angeles streets are so congested that it is impossible to turn until the traffic light reaches the yellow (caution) phase. Therefore, it is customary in Los Angeles for as many as two or three vehicles to creep into the middle of such intersections in order to turn against opposing traffic on a yellow light. If you are a first-time visitor, you may find yourself being honked at by other drivers until you become accustomed to this.

Driving around Downtown L.A. can be frustrating. Even when few vehicles are present, drivers still tend to go slower in this area because of the numerous turns and exits. Additionally, parking in Downtown is very expensive. Many hotels in Downtown and other high-density areas (such as LAX, Hollywood, and Century City) have parking garages but will charge you exorbitant daily parking fees. Even worse, they may have only valet parking, meaning you will also be expected to tip the valet. If you plan to drive around Los Angeles, consider looking for hotels that have free parking or at least reasonable fees for self-parking garages.

Many Los Angeles intersections have red light enforcement cameras, linked to sensor loops which are energized about a third of a second after the traffic light turns red. You will know the camera activated when it flashes its strobe light at you to obtain a clear view of your face (which is required along with a picture of the license plate to issue a ticket under California law). These intersections are sometimes marked in advance by signs and should be approached carefully to avoid a fine.

Los Angeles International Airport - LAX and Car Rentals

As you are in Southern California, renting a car may be your best option for getting about. If you rent a car, there are around 10 companies with very frequent shuttle buses picking up on the lower level around all terminals and going to large offsite lots. If you want to compare prices, you will need to do so on the internet at our website in advance of arriving. As the quickest and most economical method to retrieve a no obligation instant quote from all the companies represented. There are no details from the shuttle drivers or negotiable prices.

Most traffic enters the airport from (West) Century Boulevard exit of the 405, due to heavy traffic and road works the last mile of Century can take 2 minutes to drive. The airport operates a long-term parking lot outside of the main airport that is accessible by shuttle bus.

Private companies including hotels offer many additional options and include everything from open-air lots to garage parking with car washes. For those waiting to pick up passengers there is a cell-phone waiting lot adjacent to Lot C where you can wait in your car for up to two hours.

To make your Los Angeles car rental booking online, please enter your booking details in the form on the left above. When complete, click show vehicles available to be presented with the vehicles available to you from Los Angeles Airport or downtown city locations, complete with all inclusive prices.

Once your personal quotation has been generated on screen you will have the option to proceed and make your booking for San Francisco Airport Car Hire via secure server in three easy steps.

There are at least 40 car rental agencies that provide car rental services at LAX airport.

The following rental car companies are permitted to pick-up/drop-off their customers at the airline terminals using courtesy shuttles:

- Advantage

- Alamo

- Avis

- Budget

- Dollar

- Enterprise

- Fox

- Hertz

- Midway

- National

- Payless

- Sixt

- Thrifty

You are able to book upon arrival, but run the risk of being disappointed and will need to pay a higher price for your car rental. Why not book now to avoid disappointment, using our rental car booking engine

Online car rental comparison on the internet is a good way to check out the prices from all car hire
companies at Los Angeles Airport in a single search for the category car you are looking for. You are then able to quickly and easily assess which company offers you the best deal.

Our search engine above, powered by CarTrawler compares the the top car hire companies online, and helps you find the cheapest quote for your destination. You will have access to car rental companies worldwide, with prices from over 22,000 locations around the world, including those providing car rental in Los Angeles downtown and at the airports.

The advantage to you will be savings due to advance booking and exclusive online prices for your car rental requirements.

See our International Car Rental if you are doing travel from ANY Los Angeles Airports LAX. BUR, LGB, SNA and ONT  to other destinations, eg LA to Las Vegas or San Francisco  in California.
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