Canadian car rentals are available at all the major city locations and airports including Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and other cities throughout Canada.

The second largest country in the world, Canada's incredible geographical variety is a significant tourist attraction for which long distance car rental may be useful. Canada's three largest cities, Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal are major metropolitan areas, well-known for their culture and diversity. Canadian historic sites across the nation are also important to the tourist industry.
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The above most booked destinations on this comparison are just a few of the National car hire locations throughout Canada, where we offer car rentals online / auto rentals through reputable companies with our partner search comparison company.

The most popular locations, needless to say are airports, as Canada is a popular destination holiday/vacation destination.  All the above cities have International Airports, and you will find car rentals at St. John's Regina, Saskatoon, Kelowna, Victoria and Quebec City airports. 

We offer rental cars for the tourist market at all airports, downtown car rentals in all cities, major towns and major railway stations in Canada .

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We have cars available in various categories from  Mini,  economy,  compact,  premium,  luxury hire, convertible,  SUV'S,  minivan 7 seater rental,
9 seater minibus people carriers.

Models could vary at different locations in the country, depending on availability at time of booking, but you will receive up to date vehicle models.

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Winter is the time when Canadians and their families take to the slopes and hit the ice at ski resorts and community hockey rinks across the country. Canada’s world-famous winter festivals take place in late January and February including Carnaval de Québec in Quebec City and Winterlude/Bal de neige in Ottawa and Gatineau.

There are also winter events that pay homage to Canada’s hardy pioneers such as the Festival du Voyageur in Winnipeg and the Yukon Sourdough Rendez-vous Festival set in Whitehorse.

In Calgary, the month of January is devoted to showcasing challenging national and international theatre, dance, and music in The High Performance Rodeo, one of Canada’s leading festivals of new and experimental theatre.

Especially popular in British Columbia and Alberta, winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding are practiced and enjoyed regularly during the winter. British Columbia and Alberta are home to many of the world's top ski resorts, including Whistler Blackcomb.

Often, people get overwhelmed when they visit a country like Canada because there are so many attractions to see. Unfortunately, most of them are at locations spread over distances and so not all of them can be visited. Although, there are a few that are the top visited tourist attractions and so I am going to share these places with you.

   Niagara Falls: This breathtaking attraction gets over 12 million visitors per year. How can it not, when it is literally one of the most spectacular views in the world? The Niagara Falls is located in Ontario and if you ever visit there, you need to make the time to see this magnificent fall.

    Stanley Park: This beautiful park is located in Vancouver and is said to cover almost 1,000 acre of land. This place attracts around 8 million people per year and is very well known for its tranquility and calming effect. Although it is just a park and people mostly come for a walk or stroll, it attracts many visitors all year round.

    Canada’s Wonderland: Feel like getting yourself a ride on one of those crazy powered roller coasters? Well then its time you visited Canada’s Wonderland situated in Maple, Ontario which has the biggest and scream-snatching roller coaster in the country.

One way which you can get to all of these locations is by  airport car rental and doing your Hotel booking in Canada online in advance for your intermediate stay-overs on your route using long-distance car rental in Canada, eg., Toronto to Vancouver.

Distances are huge, but some of the lowest petrol prices in the world make Canada car rental combined with internal flights a popular combination among travelers or much of the country's gems will be difficult to discover.

Canada is ideal for exploration by making use of car rental with its vast road network including Canada's longest, the Trans-Canada Highway. Public transport is mainly limited to the large cities, while some areas are exclusively accessible by car. In Canada, car rental is absolutely essential to explore the enormous distances and scenic beauty of this vast country by making use of long distance, one-way car rental such as from Vancouver to Calgary, for example.
Traffic moves on the right in Canada with most cars being left-hand-drive (as in the USA and France).

Driving within Montreal, Vancouver or Toronto is not always practical; these cities are densely populated and parking can be difficult to find and/or expensive. All three cities provide extensive public transit, so it may be better to park in a central location, or at your hotel or lodging, then use public transit. You can usually obtain maps of the public transit systems at airports, subway kiosks, and train stations. Outside those cities, public transport tends to be unreliable or non-existent, so a car is almost essential just to get around at all.

Gasoline in 2016 was $1.00-1.40 per litre in most Canadian cities. Debit and credit cards without the "chip and PIN" are not recognized at the pumps, although most companies accept the cards if they are brought inside to the cashier.

In general, visitors to Canada are allowed to drive using their foreign licence for up to 90 days if their licence is in English or French, after which they have to obtain a Canadian licence from the province or territory they are residing in. Foreign licences in other languages must be accompanied by an International Driving Permit (IDP).

Most newcomers to the country are required to take a written and practical test before they can get a Canadian licence, though individual provinces may have reciprocal agreements that exempt some foreigners from testing requirements; check with the relevant provincial government to be sure. Licensing laws and road rules vary slightly from province to province.

Using your Canadian car rental in the province of Quebec, you will find that road signs are written solely in French.
Canadians drive on the right of the road and use the metric system for measurements (hence speed is quoted in kilometres per hour, and distances in kilometres).

In many areas of Canada (with the exception of Montreal) it is legal to turn right (after stopping) on a red light, so be careful when crossing the street on foot.
Many secondary intersections that are four (or three) way stops have no traffic lights, but have stop signs instead. You must bring your car to a complete stop and let everyone that stopped before you go first. If two cars arrive at the intersection at the same time, the car to the right has precedence. Search for Canadian car rental, using our car hire comparison facility with CarTrawler.
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